This is a new initiative for young people who are not in employment, education or training (NEETs). The program is a 25-week (6 month) experience in personal development, social impact and guided coaching for professional development to increase the likelihood of conversion to employment, enterprise, education or training. Catalyst is designed to support youth to self-determine, define, achieve their goals and successfully enter into employment, education, enterprise or training.

Our goals with this program is to:

  1. Contribute to reducing the youth NEET rate to <30% by 2030.
  2. Break the continuum of hopelessness of out-of-school, post-school youth by rebuilding their self-belief and resilience through training, practical experience and inspiration.
  3. Inspire and support a bias toward entrepreneurship and innovation by helping young people develop the skills, networks and desire to identify and access opportunity.
  4. Provide an intervention that is accessible for post-school non-Matriculants to improve their futures.

The Benefits

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